Magnolia Plantation

A random pond out at Magnolia...


New Grandparents

There aren't many ways to get more grandparents. Although there are a few ways to have less. I guess I'm happy to get more any way I can.

And I did when I said I do.

Amber's Grandparents and Great Aunt+Uncle came down our way last week. We had a good time getting to hang out and get to know one another a little better.

I learned how to play dominoes. I taught them to play 42.

They took us to Hymen's Seafood. We talked them into JB's Smokeshack. They bought us dinner there too after a quick jaunt to the Angel Oak.

They toured the Yorktown and Magnolia Plantation.

We went to work and school.

A big thanks to them for dropping by. I loved spending some time with the new fam.


Car shopping

I know graduation is still more than a year away, but if anyone wants to contribute to my next ride I'm more than happy to accept a little gift. (Dear Mom, that's a Ferrari)


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Bridge Run 2

The second time lapse video. It's a start.


Bridge Run Cleanup

My first time-lapse video. The cleanup crew is getting started after the bridge run.


Time Lapse Photography

How to turn a TI-86 into an Intervalometer

For some time, I've wanted to do a little time lapse photography. Very high end cameras have time lapse features built into the software. Some low end cameras do too; however, our Canon XTi doesn't. The only way to take time lapse pictures with the Rebel series is to rig an intervalometer yourself.

There are many ways to create an intervalometer, but this method doesn't require any soldering.

Canon XTi
2.5 mm double ended cable
paper for labels

Wire strippers/cutters

Write the Program

Disp "Interval in seconds"
Disp "x 100"
Prompt A
While 1
The program asks for a number. With full batteries, an input of 450 takes a picture every 3 seconds. It will be slower if the batteries are worn out.

Alter the Cable
The XTi has a 2.5mm remote input that is simple. The 2.5mm plug has three sections. Shorting the middle section with the base makes the camera focus, and shorting all three makes the camera take a picture.

The TI series graphing calculators also use 2.5mm jacks for their communication port. Someone wrote a program using the TI-89 as an intervalometer. Someone else wrote one for the TI-83. I combined a little of each in order to get the TI-86 working.

This will create a one-way cable. Using the cable in reverse will not work.
Label one 2.5mm jack as the Camera side. Label the other side as the TI-86 side. Cut the cable in half and strip the wires to expose about 3/8" of bare wire on each side.

Combine the red and white wires from the camera side with the red wire from the calculator side. Simply cut off the white wire from the calculator side--it will not be used. Connect the ground wires from each side.

All that's left to do is start the program and connect the camera to the calculator with our new cable.