Amber and I are celebrating our first year of marriage today. It's hard to believe that a whole year has already passed by. It's sometimes difficult to remember what things were like just over a year ago. Well, hectic I guess.

Over the past year we fought a little too much, ate too much junk food, and occasionally worked a little too hard. But we also learned to fight nice, work smarter, and I've discovered that I like a few vegetables. Things would be simpler if wives came with manuals. I did pick up on a few important details though.

I learned that it's not a good idea to compare my bride to any type of fruit or vegetable, either of our mothers, or anything else with two X chromosomes for that matter. Not all things are competitions. Winning is fun... for a little while. Eventually winning has its price. Flowers are worth at least twice as much as they cost.



Amber's computer stopped working the other day. It would shut down less than a minute after turning it on. After some internet research, I decided the heatsink must be plugged up with lint and dust.

So I did some surgery and got really nervous. And discovered that the thermal grease that helps transfer heat from the processor to the heatsink was nearly nonexistent. So I bought some thermal stuff and put the computer back together.

Many thanks to this guy.