Thanks to my stud-like partner hitting better than I ever saw before and passing with remarkable accuracy, we managed to pull out an easy victory at Pafukas.

Most of the time, I felt like I was standing still while Paul was digging and hitting. I suppose that means that he put up some good passes so I didn't have to do much.

The scores for the championship games were something like 15-1, 15-6. It's easy to win when the other team looks like they're about to pass out from the crushing heat.

I think my part of our winnings will be paying for my next video game.


Google Streetview

This might cost me some brownies in the future, but...

I discovered my dear mother in law standing in the cold with her dog-like critter. Ok, so Google's streetview might be a little bit scarier than I thought.


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Google Directions

Paul and I will be playing in the Pafukas grass doubles tournament tomorrowI just got on google maps to get directions to the Northwest YMCA and...

Holy Cow!

Google maps are getting wild. That crazy program shows me what all the turns will look like. Cool. And scary.
Wish us luck.


There are a few things that I love most in life.

My God.
My wife.
Papa's steaks.
My mother-in-law's brownies.
And homemade vanilla ice cream.


President Street River

I've been enjoying the thunderstorms rolling by ever since the weather turned hot; however, living downtown is a bit different from anything that I am accustomed to. These are a couple of shots I took a week or two ago. If this is what happens after a thunderstorm, I'm definitely leaving town if a hurricane comes.

Hm... houseboats.



Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. ....I guess.

One of my favorite blogs (Creating Passionate Users) shut down a little more than a year ago because of death threats from a small handful of angry readers. I loved her ideas and passion. Each new post was a new insight into how people work and think. And the pictures... I loved her graphics.

Maybe this final graphic explains what was so great about CPU, and a few others too. Mediocre things, like my blog produce neither love nor hate--there is no passion. But now I'll say so long to another of my favorite blogs because of threats. I suppose Elrod hasn't had too many death threats, but a few too many assassin-like unemployment threats appear to have sucked the air out of yet another of my favorite web writers. I'll miss your thoughts. They are different than mine, but I like the opportunity to challenge what I think--or thought.

I guess... here's a toast to public mediocrity. And a dirge for something special, loud, public, and different that will now be something quiet, hidden, private, and gone.



Happy Independence Day



I don't get it.