Jacob Metcalf

It's been a long time since I heard a song that I loved the first time I heard it. Well, until 3 minutes ago it had been a long time.

Then I stumbled onto . Jacob lived down the hall from me when I was a freshman at Harding, and we'd talk every week or two. I always admired the way he always had a happy, yet calm outlook on all the happenings in our lives. I don't know what you call it, but he always came up with just the right way to look at things.

I'd tease him about his sister. We would sit and ponder our futures. I'd tease him about his sister some more. He always insisted she wasn't interested in me, but I knew he was really just trying to trick me. He'd walk the halls and serenade anyone who would listen....and some folks who wouldn't.

Click "Tunespeak" and check out "Bend." I don't know what genre you're supposed to call this stuff. Maybe just, "good." And it's coming from that guy from down the hall who had a hot sister (who was a nice girl).

You're missing out if you don't check out his stuff. Jacob, I give it a 10, just like your sister.


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Fort Moultrie

Sam, Mandi, Amber, and I went to Fort Moultrie the other day. We saw some stuff, and we did some things, and it was fun.

We were so glad to see them. I haven't heard anything from either since they left, but I hope they made it home safe last night.


The Roundup

This post should have been divided and written in daily installments. Instead, here's the lowdown.

Amber and I are beginning our sixth month of marriage. I like to tease her by saying that nobody else could possibly make six months feel more like six years.

We've been a busy pair of bees these past few months. She balances teaching bratty runts, while I play at school with teeth and (mostly) nice people.

Papa and Mimi flew in and spent the weekend before Thanksgiving with us. We mostly poked around downtown. Mimi marveled at the flowers in planters on Rainbow Row. Papa seemed impressed with the architecture. He even went into an art gallery. I regret not taking them to one of the plantations for a look-see. Maybe we can talk them into flying to Savannah some day for a tour down there. I like the turret porches and Queen Anne style better than the Charleston style anyhow. Thanks for coming, ya'll.

Then we were off to Nashvegas for some fun times with the inlaws, good food, football, mongolian barbecue, and an introduction to the "grandpuppy." Amber's only response to such a brash (but creative) message was to a remark about how we hope that the grandpuppy holds them over. Otherwise, we might need to borrow a neice for a day or two. There aren't really any other solutions that I can imagine. It looks like a cross between a Mogwai (remember Gremlins?) and a gerbil anyhow.

Amber's birthday was the 27th. I went back to East Bay street and "acquired" some of those flowers that impressed Mimi.

This is finals week. Two down, two to go. I'm looking forward to Christmas break.

I'll probably head to North Augusta on Sunday and hang out with Mom, Dad, and the kiddos until Amber begins Christmas break on th 18th. Maybe we'll get to see Jaime and the melanin challenged kiddos as well.

Then we're off to Texas for some time with my end of the family. That's all I got to say about that.


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If it makes me laugh out loud, then it's worth passing on.

By the way, this would be an amazing camp game.

Human tetris courtesy of BigSam82


Dumb emails

I absolutely hate dumb emails. I get them from time to time from a variety of sources. Lately I've received a series of especially annoying messages from one of the 2nd years who is in charge of planning the dental school Christmas party. Amber and I won't be going. In fact, I don't know anybody who is because they're having it 3 days after exams are over.

I present to you the most annoying email of all time.

tomorrow is the (as flanders would say) ab-so-toodle-lee-doodle-lee LAST day to buy "tickets" for the lame-named, though politically correct "snow ball".

that means you can't buy them at the door. that means you can't buy them the week of. that means if you don't buy them tomorrow, SEE ya. more rosemary & sea salt rubbed lamb and godiva chocolate fondue for the rest of us.

they are 20 bucks.

you can catch anna louise, ryan, or me at lunch or you can try to contact us to meet up.

-challah at a playa when you see me in the streets.



I suppose it's time I announce a few changes to my little corner of the internet. I've hired a co-thinker to add to the confusion here at FR. And by hired, I mean that I sent Amber an Email invite. My little corner will now be our little corner.

I hope she takes the time to share some of her thoughts.


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