The weekend report

Mom, Dad, and the Round 2 kids came down to Charleston to buy me dinner and go for a sail. I had a blast, and it was cool to all go sailing together. Dad helped me fix the main halyard. Diana lounged on the deck underneath the jib, Austin (despite a few interesting moments) never jumped off the boat, and Mom (as usual) took care of the mundane stuff like driving.

Amber even came along for the ride and appeared as if she was actually having fun on the boat. The last time I saw that was... well--let's just say we got most of our yelling out of our systems last summer. I think she was really scheming and making a list of things to do in order to "offload" my mistress. No--I'm sure that's what she was doing. I distinctly remember hearing, "I'm writing down the stuff we need to do so you can sell the boat."

I know Amber's right, but I also know I'm going to miss that sorry [floosey] of a boat when it's gone. At least my girlfriend is the reliable one, and it's just my boat that seems to run around when I'm not watching. Yup, I think I'll keep the girl and sell the mistress,but not until I've had a chance to go for another spin or two on the latter.

Finally, we topped off the night with dinner at JB's Barbecue. It was as good as usual. I was sad to see that somebody picked all of the gummy worms off the pudding before we got there, but they brought some extra gummy worms out of the kitchen for me.

This weekend was great thanks to the many well-wishers, cookie senders, and bloggers who thought about me. I especially want to thank some very kind cookie suppliers as I've been on a sugar high ever since Saturday.


real or fake?

It's another night before another test, so the crazy emails are at it again.