Rec League Soccer

If at first you don't succeed
Try ,

Philip, Paul, and I could all try to keep up with the other kids. We did ok. Diana wasn't interested in anything related to competition.

And then there's Austin.

We went to Austin's rec league soccer game a few weeks ago. He's faster than all the other 5 year olds, and he isn't shy about it. Each Saturday morning Austin makes a few predictions about how many goals he'll score that day. Nobody is supposed to keep score, but if nobody keeps count, then the event is only 15 kids chasing a ball around the field. Austin keeps score, therefore he plays soccer. And he has a nasty habit of taunting the slower, less talented and less pigmented children.

Dad, who has waited patiently year after year may finally have the athletic kid he always dreamed about. Now, while he sits on the sidelines, Dad can trash talk all the other parents who are 20 years younger.


posted by Josh M on 11:45 AM


Paul Murphy said...

I love the last picture where that white kid has no chance at catching up. Excellent post

Paul Murphy said...

I also like the picture where that one kid is trying to hold Austin back. White people...

Philip Murphy said...

this is your best post ever, by far. it's a shame our parents had to use free agency to get their athletes.