Flag Football

August is one of my favorite months of the year. If some goober from a long time ago hadn't decided that August was a good month to start the school year, it would definitely be my favorite time of year.

Since it's still warm, there's plenty to do, and I'm motivated because I know that there aren't many days of summer left before everything turns to crap.

Best of all, August is the beginning of football season. Nobody really knows how to explain why a 5'7, 145 pound kid loves football, but this shrimp gets excited about it. I love watching the big hits, good defensive battles, and occasional trickeration. Aside from living out my fantasies through a bunch of really big sweaty guys jumping on top of each other, I love to play the sport.

Well, I love to play the version of the sport where nobody is allowed to hit, maul, or break me. In fact, you're not even allowed to use your hands to block. I know-- It's not all that manly, and I don't think my big interceptions are going to make the ESPN highlight reels, but it's the only way me and a bunch of other goobers in school can get our tuition to pay for ref's.

Flag football is more my style. My team is a couple of guys from my dental class plus a random resident. Last year, we went undefeated until the semis, then we lost by 1 point--on a missed PAT.

This year, we're out for revenge, and we've had pretty good success so far. Our first game was a easy win over some 1st year med students. Today's victory was a little more difficult. This goup of med students put up a pretty good fight--they even scored on us once. But still they had fewer points on their side of the scoreboard than we had on ours.

I'd like to claim that I'm one of the major contributors to our victories over our cocky peers, but I think that'd be a little from the truth. My group has some freakishly good athletes, and I proudly ride their shoulders to victory on the gridiron.

One pair of bright red soccer cleats: $39
Our team intramurals deposit (refunded so long as we don't forfeit any games) $200
Beating cocky med students: priceless


posted by Josh M on 10:20 PM


Philip Murphy said...

Hmmm... what fantasies are these exactly???
"Aside from living out my fantasies through a bunch of really big sweaty guys jumping on top of each other"

Dude, you've got some explaining to do to Amber, every red-blooded hetrosexual male who ever slept in the same room with you, and mom.