Webam of the week: Dental School Construction

Through the combined efforts of my tuition dollars, a lot of dentists' contributions, and plenty of somebody else's matching tax dollars, the dental college at the Medical University of South Carolina has finally started building their new dental clinics building.

Many dental people are excited about the new James B. Edwards College of Dental Medicine Clinical Facility. Many patients may have noticed that the choice patient parking area, G lot, has mysteriously shrunk. As for myself, I can't wait until they start hammering I-beams into the ground.

I hear that this building is long overdue. I think it's only a few years late. It would have been nice to avoid the construction. They say it'll be ready by 2008--the beginning of my senior year at MUSC.

I just got an email with a link to the exciting construction webcam. Watching this thing is only a little worse than watching paint dry--only paint dries in a matter of hours instead of years. At least you can see cars driving by on Bee St.


posted by Josh M on 12:33 AM


Philip Murphy said...

Wow that cammera is amazing. I can see the truck and everything. Good work.