Why being a gamecock fan is just like being a Christian

  1. Sometimes we give up on our team. Just like a certain brother of mine who says he’s given up on the gamecocks unless they win their next game. Sometimes we give up on God unless he makes sure we win with our next ambition.

  2. Sometimes we support our side in all the wrong ways. Since Philip and I used to end up in the end zones every game we went to, I used to dream of catching an extra point kick after it went through the uprights and into the stands. I didn’t want to catch the ball just to catch it. I dreamed of throwing it back onto the field and hitting one of the refs who stand underneath the goalposts.

    During the Georgia-Carolina game, the student section threw bottles and trash onto the field after the referees made an awful call. They were showing support for their team, but it was in all the wrong ways. I suppose Christians figuratively throw trash onto the field all too . In our fervor for “doing what’s right,” we frequently alienate others and fail as ambassadors for Christ.

  3. Sometimes we forget what winning means. Ask a Tennessee fan what they think of their team, and they’ll say “they stink.” The same goes for any Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia etc etc etc. They all think their teams are bad because they sometimes lose. If there are 119 Division I football teams in the US, why does every football fan in the US think his team should be the one that never loses? Why doesn’t somebody say “Hey… we’re 3-2 and I think that’s pretty good for this team.” I think Christians have the same tendancies. We don't deal with loss very well, and we always expect all the battles to go our way.

  4. We always hope for tomorrow. Christians should look forward to the future. Gamecock fans should do the same. Good Gamecock fans are willing to accept the trials today in hopes of a brighter future. Today may not be the best day of my life, but I can look toward the future. Last night’s loss may not have been the result I was hoping for, but I was pleased to see the Gamecocks play so well, and I believe that a good future lies ahead.


posted by Josh M on 11:11 AM


Paul Murphy said...

That Philip is a pansy, he'll jump ship at the slightest sign of weakness.
Paul Murphy Ohio State fan for fourty-three years, We're taking Iowa state saturday