No real post for today. It's study time. I've got to prove to somebody who's been talking at me, but never really to me, that I know the difference between liquefactive necrosis and gangrenous necrosis.

Before I go, I do want to share my story of the day.

About 7:30 tonight, I rode my bike about a mile from my apartment to the Taco Bell on Folly Rd. Several people I know have sworn off this Taco Bell because of shoddy service. If it weren't the cheapest grub within a 10 minute drive, I would probably avoid that Taco Bell as well. But I was craving a cheesey bean and rice burrito.

So I go and order off the 99 cent menu, as is the Murphy custom, and have one of the strangest Josh vs. Fast food cashier dialogues I ever expect to have.

Josh - "Um... Um.. I think I'll have a Spicy chicken soft taco, and a Cheesey bean and rice burrito."

Taqwanda the cashier - "Is that all?"

Josh - "Yup" As I begin to pull out my wallet, I remembered that I had some change rattling around in my pocket. I pull it out of my front left pocket and count 2 dimes and 2 pennies.

Taquanda the cashier - "That's $2.15."

Josh - "Alright..." and I hand her 2 $1 bills and 2 dimes. For those of you that went to South Carolina schools, that adds up to $2.20.

Taquanda the cashier - "Oops. Is it alright [inaudible] 5 cents? I [inaudible] the cash register.

Josh - "what?"

Taquanda the cashier - "Is it ok if I [inaudible] 5 cents back? I put in the wrong number in the cash register."

Josh - "Yeah sure.. whatever"

So at this point, I've put together that she doesn't intend to give me my change back. Especially since I came home without my nickel--just the two pennies I walked in with. But I'm still a little annoyed. What's so hard about reaching into your open cash register and giving me on of the shiny little nickels you've got sitting in there?

I think I want my nickel.


posted by Josh M on 8:30 PM


Philip Murphy said...

good luck on the test. Just to let you know, i changed my crunch meter. although the thermometer is certainly more colorful.

Paul Murphy said...

Dude, we're so going to that t-bell and getting your nickel back when I'm in town