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Firefox is to computer like grease is to fried chicken

I've been a fan of Firefox for a while now. It's smaller and faster than internet explorer. Plus, Firefox has used "tabs" for years.

Best of all, Firefox is made by a bunch of computer nerds who believe in giving people the no-frills basics. Then they offer "extensions" to let you customize how you want firefox to work.

These are the extensions that will keep me from ever going back to Internet Explorer:

  • Adblock Plus with Filterset.g updater:
    • After downloading this pair of extensions, obnoxious web page advertisements are history. I no longer waste time downloading or looking at them.
  • Ook!:
    • It lets me download embedded video files from YouTube and Philip and Jaime's website

  • Mouse Gestures
    • It lets you navigate (forward, backwards etc) without having to push the back button. Just a little mouse movement does the trick.
2. I'm on a cooking sabbatical

I had a cooking disaster just the other night. I didn't know you could burn ___, but my ___ was on the verge of ignition the other day. It took days for the smoke and smell to clear the apartment. 2 points to whoever can guess what this is. er... what this was.


posted by Josh M on 3:59 PM


Paul Murphy said...

Mac and Cheese

Josh M said...

it not Mac and cheese...

Sam Travaglini said...

well, since paul stole my answer, i'll go with ramen.

Michelle Staggs said...

Some kind of pasta

Josh M said...

close, but none of the above. Keep 'em coming

Josh M said...

hint:If you click the pictures, they'll show up much larger.

Philip Murphy said...

I'll go with rice or roni, the san francisco treat.

Josh M said...

2 points for the 2nd best looking murphy twin.

That definitely was (at one time) white rice. You can see the little rice stuff on the bottom of the pan.