Things to do before I leave...

Charleston, SC is one of the prettiest places I've ever been. It has tons of history and plenty to see so long as you're not looking for anything resembling a hill. (image from here)

When I first came down here a year and a half ago, I wasn't too fond of the place. In fact, I didn't like it. I spent my first Charleston summer either in the library, or stuck in what seemed like unending lines of cars piled up behind traffic lights.

Looking back, Searcy probably spoiled me. If you don't want to deal with stop lights, then you just take any street other than Race.

North Augusta was similar. There are very few stoplights or cars.

Between spending too much time indoors, and spending too much time waiting behind cars, I've missed a lot of what this place has to offer. I'm not saying it's perfect, and I certainly don't plan on staying here past say.... May of 2009. But as of today, I'm resolving to learn to enjoy this city and this coast until I'm gone.

So in my efforts to learn to squeeze every bit of juice out of this juicy orange, here's my Charleston: (Before It's too Late and I Have to do Real Work) To Do List:

  1. Go see the over-priced possibly over-hyped hunley.
  2. Visit the aquarium. Preferably on a day when they're offering student discounts
  3. Go see something fun at the IMAX
  4. Sail somewhere fun before the boat's gone.
  5. Leave some mark
    1. Volunteer at a kid's clinic
    2. Habitat for Humanity?
    3. ?Coach a youth team
  6. Spend a whole day at Magnolia Plantation
  7. Go see a Riverdogs baseball game
  8. Catch a couple of fish
  9. Go kayaking in the marshes
  10. Spend a day at Boone Hall
  11. Watch the Charleston Battery play some soccer
  12. Visit Charlestontown Landing
  13. Go shrimping
  14. Try oysters
  15. Visit Edward Rutledge's Grave
  16. Take a look at Fort Sumpter
  17. Ditto with Fort Moultrie
  18. Explore that other fort sitting in the middle of the harbor (Castle Pinckney)
  19. Learn to surf
  20. Graduate and "get outa here"


posted by Josh M on 10:04 PM


MichaelPolutta said...

Hey Josh,

Yeah, I have a love/hate relationship with Charleston too. Having grown up there I have seen/done a lot on your list. There being few "even SLIGHTLY progressive" CoC choices there makes it very difficult. It IS a beautiful place - as long as you can be friends with the humidity. Folks here in Atlanta complain when the humidity is in the 50% range during the summer. I just laugh to myself. They have NO idea. I do hope school is going well for you. Any chance you'll make it to the SW Retreat?

Take care,
Michael Polutta

Michelle Staggs said...

You should add one of those ghost tours to the list. We did one a while back and while it was a little chessy we got to see some places that we'd never discovered before. My favorite thing to do in Charleston is just park the car and start walking. I always stumble across something new.

Philip Murphy said...

Sounds like Amber is getting tired of the dates to Taco Bell.

jpaulmrphy said...

Dude and miss the Pickney national historic site. Come on. One of SC's greatest legislators and pressidential candidate...

Amber said...

I agree with Michelle. I want to go on a cheesy ghost tour, and I'll even let you take me to Taco Bell for dinner. :)

Josh M said...

I'm back and forth on the ghost tour. I've thought about it, but it makes me wonder if it's a little um... not a good idea.
Does Jesus like ghosts?

Michelle Staggs said...

Whether or not the ghosts are real is irrelevant. You get to see some interesting places that are little "off the beaten path."
And scary movies make great dates, so why not scary tours?

Josh M said...

Cheesy Ghost Tour. I'll add it to the list pending a report on Jesus and ghosts.