strange conversations

Due to the overall boring nature of my previous post, I'm going to strike through the entire thing. Maybe this post will redeem me somewhat.

So, as I was writing the previous, and very BORING post in the MUSC library. The girl sitting next to me initiates this random conversation:

Random Girl in Libary: Excuse me, can I take your picture?

Me: Um... OK

RGiL: From this angle, you look exactly like one of my friends. I'd love to get a picture and send it to him

Me: Um.. OK. Nobody's ever asked me for that before

RGiL procedes to take a picture of me with her camera phone--like I'm the MUSC library freak show.

Me: Which way to you want to me look?

RGiL: Straight ahead. Great.... Thanks. then she shyly walks away.

This story has a plot about as interesting as a bad french novel, but it really got me thinking.

Why don't I think of more fun things to say when the pressure's on? So here's the top ten replies I should have given when she asked "Can I take your picture because you look exactly like one of my friends?"

10 Sure, but You gotta give to recieve
9 no thanks, other people have already taken pictures of me
8 ?
7 Freakshow pictures... they cost money you know...
6 Sure, but I want a picture of my look-alike too.
5 So, you're friends don't look too good, eh?
4 So, you've got really good looking friends, huh?
3 ?
2 no

1 ?

I don't know. I think I expected this all to come to me as I wrote. As it turns out, my top ten list sucks. Maybe I'll need a post to redeem me for the this bad post too.


posted by Josh M on 3:49 PM


Paul Murphy said...

10. I own a house
9. Should I wear my hair up or down?
8. Tell me your friend isn't a girl
7. Oh. Just let me pick up this pencil I'm dropping...
6. Is your friend a model too?
5. I've got a good looking brother you know. His blog is...
4. Last time this happened I wound up vomitting on myself and mumbling incohernetly outside her apartment.
3. Does he look like school has stolen his sole too?
2. Uhh.... I gotta go...
1. Naked?

Philip Murphy said...

10. You'll have to sign a non-disclosure agreement first.
9. Brad Pitt is your friend too!
8. If you just give me your phone number, I'll send you some baby pictures later.
7. Sorry, I'm too cool for that.
6. I already have too many pictures on the internet as it is.
5. Is that the best pickup line you have?
4. Hey Lady! Can't you see I'm concentrating on a meaningless blog!
3. My brother is hot too.
2. Is it the nose? Because you know a big nose is a sign of big..umm...attitude.
1. (paul stole my line) Clothes on or Off?

Philip Murphy said...

I just hope you guys realize that your mother reads this blog!
Jaime (aka Nosy Sister-in-Law)

Josh M said...

Nosy Sister-in-Law,

I think that's why it's been so tame.

Josh M said...

I had another strange conversation about the aforementioned strange conversation.

Talking to Amber last night...

Me: how'd you like my conversation?

Amber: Was she hot?

Me: I don't know... didn't look

Amber: Whatever...