Boot Camp

John, Amber, and I were sitting around watching TV the other night. I said, "boot camp looks like it would be tons of fun if you didn't have to join the army afterwards."

John said I was nuts. He could be right. Then he started jawing about how it's awful to wake up at 5am only to get yelled at and run.

I said, that I might enjoy it.

He said I wouldn't.

I said I thought it'd make a great resort idea. Just imagine. 7 day/6night adventure on Paris Island. "You may not feel relaxed afterwards, but you're guaranteed to look better, run faster, and wake up earlier than when you arrived."

He said I was nuts.

I said it'd be worth a try.

He said he'd pay $20 if I'd wake up at 5am every day for a week and run 2 miles.

I said "deal." After all, $20 is enough for two buffets with sweet tea at JB's.

On second thought, maybe that whole bet can wait an extra day or two because it's late, and I'm gonna be too tired in the morning.


posted by Josh M on 11:17 PM


joan said...

The MUSC Wellness Center has some kind of Bootcamp. I have a friend who does it bright and early before work. Then they run the bridge on weekend mornings.