A Happy SS on NS day

I just watched a video on of SS's NSD media conference, and never before has SS looked so happy. He even used words like "cool, flashier, pizazz, excited, best, brag, excellent and super."

I didn't know that Gamechicken football had anything to do with any of those words.

When it comes to recruiting ESPN is like the head cheerleader in high school. When ESPN likes you, everybody likes you. Plenty of flashy Thursday night games didn't seem to hurt recruiting one bit. They even ranked the new recruits 4th in the nation--several spots higher than scouts or rivals.

A breakthru: "It may change Carolina football forever." Beating your in-state rival makes it easier to recruit in-state. "Good things have happened to us since that game."

"They're gettin' into the habit of doing things the right way." Players now actually go to their classes and offseason workouts. Yes, in stark contrast to previous years, Steve praised the work ethic of the current players.

"We're gonna add a little pizzaz to our uniforms" with UnderArmor. Steve also said that the numbers would "flabergast some of you guys." I don't know what that means. Either USC is getting a great deal, or they're about to pay a lot of money for garnet and black spandex shirts.

Only seven more months until football season....


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Philip Murphy said...

Mark it down.

Cliff Matthews will be a stud. He'll start in '08.

Q.Rich will be a three year starter on the Oline.

Geathers will be an All SEC DE in two years.

At least 2 of our receivers will transfer out. Jason Barnes and Freeman will be two of the few that get playing time this year. 1 will never qualify. (probably Lecorn)

Barnes won't qualify. He'll go to prep school, re-enroll and be a two-three year starter at Free Safety.

Culliver will eventually move to the Spur position. He'll be an excellent athelete, but never excel at WR.

Saunders will be a mediocre TE. He'll have to dedicate himself in the weight room. Williams will be the better TE in the long run.

Garcia, could be a player. But I expect he'll transfer out too. Smelley will be hard to beat out.

Auguste could play this year, but will definitely start by his Redshirt Sophomore year.

Either Winfield or Ingram will start next year at MLB.

OK, I'll miss on about 80% of those, but who cares. skeptical optimism.