Last runaway boat post

Since Luke asked for it, I'll tell the rest of the story, but that'll be the last of it.

So, Johnny and his little Johnboat helped me get off the oysters on Saturday morning. I threw him a rope attached to the main halyard. He tied it to the back of his boat, and pulled me sideways. That's an interesting feeling.

Since I had a lot of studying to do, I put it on the hook very close to where it went aground--only in water that stayed deep enough for the boat to float.

Then I yaked back to a park, loaded up the rockin' kayak into the back of my car, and went home to study.

Monday afternoon, I yaked back to the boat and moved it to it's normal anchoring place. I've gotta admit, I really enjoyed that.

Amber picked me up downtown, and the boat's been good ever since.

I have researched a little about permanent moorings, but it's just not practical for a boat that's only going to be there a few more months at most.


posted by Josh M on 12:31 PM