More boat news

I made it to the boat today... only it's not in a marsh as predicted. It was resting on an oyster bed instead. Each has their ups and downs. The Marsh would have been kinder to the boat. Oyster beds make it easier to walk around.

My biggest fear was that there would be water pooled inside the cabin, but it was bone dry.

I checked for damage on the outside...only a few scratches.

I set some anchors about 150 feet into the water. I hope that the tide will let the boat swing out into the water tonight. I'll probably go out to monitor it's progress and go for an early morning ride. Next I'll move her somewhere a little safer than next to an oyster bed.

I've got some guesses as to what happened... more on that later.

High tide is 4am. It's bedtime.


posted by Josh M on 11:19 PM


Luke said...

In case you had any doubt, I am waiting in eager anticipation for the resolution of the boat story.

I didn't even know until today that you had/lost/found a boat, but now I want to know what's up.