Hey Mom, look at that cool...

I drove the motorcycle to Chic-Fil-A today for lunch. There's nothing like a little peanut oil and waffle fries to clog up the heart pipes.

As usual, the place was full of young mothers and their preschool children. The indoor play area looked like a demented (and crowded) zoo exhibit. The kids were everywhere doing whatever kids in demented zoo exhibits do.

As I finished with lunch, I saw a Rolls Royce pull up next to my motorcycle. I looked it up and down, side to side, while trying not to obviously gawk.

It was time to go, so I threw my stuff away and made for the bike.

A kid--he couldn't have been much over 4-- and his mom was standing on the sidewalk staring at the parked vehicles. I thought, "that's a cool Rolls, isn't it?"

But the kid says, "look at the cool motorcycle."

Dumbfounded, I said hello. My cheap, little engine, bottom of the line, almost get laughed at by dudes on Harleys motorcycle looked like the coolest thing in the world to that kid (and his mom encouraged it). Nevermind that goofy looking $100,000+ car one parked one spot farther.

Well, I did buy a new back tire the other day, and it is pretty cool I guess. I just didn't know it was that cool.


posted by Josh M on 3:54 PM


Paul Murphy said...

I'm so ganking your bike this summer. Although I am use to paying $3+ for gas already.

Josh M said...

Come and get it. 62mpg last time I filled up.

Justin said...

...the insights of children are so often stunningly true.