A Little People

Normally, I would probably elaborate on the smoke from the inland wildfires that has blanketed Charleston. Or maybe I would poke fun at the way Dr. B says "hypothalamus with his heavy French accent" but I haven't the heart.

It's rare that I watch something on a television screen and dream of being a part of what I see. I don't see how anybody can watch Top Gun without imagining that they were the ones catapulting off the deck of an aircraft carrier.

But today I watched this video-- so compelling that I actually felt sick to my stomach and had a burning desire to be a part of the action--as a shield.

Most disconcerting of all is not that there were 8 or 9 men ready to stone her, but that there was none good enough to save her.

Iraq is a nation of little people. Is there anything there worth the lives of our brothers? Iraq hasn't changed since WWI (the setting of Lawrence of Arabia). They fight between themselves. They kill their children. They cannot be saved from themselves.

" long will they be a little people, a silly people - greedy, barbarous, and cruel, as you are." -T.E. Lawrence, in the film Lawrence of Arabia

And "little people" they will remain.


posted by Josh M on 1:31 PM


Michelle Staggs said...

It's such a lovely sentiment to think that "we" were ever in Iraq for the "little people." If we were truly going to war to fight for other people then we would have done something about Rwanda, Angola, Cambodia, and we'd be doing more about Darfur.

I fully believe that we should not be in Iraq and I think it's naieve to think that we went in with such noble motives as helping a nation that was in trouble. It's simply the excuse we use to justify the fact that we screwed up. Unfortunatly we've created more problems than we solved and we can't truly pull out until we've cleaned up the mess we've made.