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Nobel Prize
According to the AP report I just read, the third and final Nobel Prize for science was awarded this morning.

It's fascinating that American scientists managed a hat trick. They took all three in the sciences (medicine, physics, and chemistry).

  1. After reading the story, I decided that I want a Nobel prize. I want to be recognized for discovering something that is "most important to the benefit of mankind." Well, at least, I thought I wanted a Nobel prize until I realized that this guy worked 10 straight years with just yeast cells before he published anything of note. That's longer than 50% of marriages.
    I can only imagine the conversation around year 9:

    Random girl at the mall (RGATM): So, I see you have scientist hair...

    Kornberg: Yeah, I'm a scientist

    RGATM: So what do you do?

    Kornberg: I grow yeast and watch how their genes activate protein transcription

    RGATM: Oh, I see. How long have you and your yeast been together?

    Kornberg: About 9 years

    RGATM: Sounds....interesting. Well, it's about time for me to go home and do my hair.

  2. I see that Dr. Kornberg's father also earned the Nobel prize a few decades ago. Talk about some big shoes to fill.

    I don't remember Dad ever pressuring me or any of my brothers to be something we didn't want to be. He kinda steared us away from being art majors, but he never tried force us into becoming engineers like him. Nobody wants to do the same job their dad does, because nobody wants to feel like they've got to fill in the old man's shoes.

    It's got to be doubly difficult to be a scientist son of a Nobel Laureate scientist dad.

    Kornberg Senior: I'm thinking about getting my Peace [Nobel] Prize framed again

    Kornberg Jr.: oh yeah?

    Sr: yup. I'll get it framed with a new titanium alloy I just developed

    Jr: ok

    Sr: So, do you think you'll want to get one of these bad boys of your own some day?

    Jr: Well, you see... I've got these great yeast cells. You'd love them...
  3. The Nobel Prize is the one and only thing that makes being a scientist just like being an Olympic athelete.

    Although the two (scientists and atheletes) share very little in common, they do have one key similarity:

    A whole bunch of extremely gifted people spend every moment of their lives competing for the prize, but most of them still go home losers at the end of the competition.

    I think I'll outsmart them all and set my goals low so they're easier to reach.


posted by Josh M on 1:36 PM


Paul Murphy said...

If you won a Nobel Prizen in medicine it wouldn't be the Nobel Peace prize it would be the Nobel Medicine prize. Duh. I've got a fever and the only prescription in more cowbell!

Josh M said...

Hm... now I know a little more about the Nobel Prize.

You're probably just mad because you think that economics should be counted as a science. [tips nerdy glasses]

More cowbell!

Paul Murphy said...

2nd to Mark the baseball slut. And they have a seperate prize for economics. John Nash an economist got one in Math. Game theory. I think when I get back I'll persue a degree in econ. with empahsis in game theory. Just my tenative plan.

John, the other uncle said...

"I found that if you have a goal, that you might not reach it. But if you do not have one you are never disappointed. And I gotta tell you, it feels phenomenal!"

I like Vince Vaughn's advice a little better.