Believer's guide to finding a church home

I'm up late cramming for Pathology. I think I'm going to cancel my Thursday night events--except for the free dinner of course. I'll do anything for free food.

One of the primary goals of pediatric dental care is for every child to have a "dental home" early in life in order to head-off as current and potential diseases as possible.

One of my Charleston goals was to find a church home early in my stay in order to grow a few roots.

I've seen plenty of books about church growth. Let me rephrase: I've seen plenty of book covers about church growth. But I've yet to see a guide about how to find a church home. But I'd like to find both by age 25.

I never really found one in Searcy. I tried, but I was never successful. Although the big Searcy churches had the best worship experiences, I detested going to Downtown because I knew I'd never be able to contribute. After 4 years, I got nearly nowhere.

I always dreamed of going to a church that wasn't Harding-asized, but they were always far away, and I was too drowsy, busy, or unmotivated to be consistent enough to feel a part of those churches. I'd usually wake up late and go to Downtwon because it was the most convenient choice that started later than the rest.

I thought finding a church home would be easy once I moved to Charleston, but it hasn't been easy at all. In fact, it's been very frustrating. I expected to find more progressive churches. Or at least some progressive churches or christ. I thought briefly about giving up on the ol' CofC, and while I don't have any real problem with that, I preferred to think that there was a CofC somewhere out there where I could fit.

Truth be told, I'm still not sure if I fit in my Holiday Inn church of christ. But it's right in the middle between me and Amber. And as time goes by, I'm beginning to like the people there more and more. Maybe with time (and a picture directory) I'll feel more at home. Or at least, missed when I'm out of town.


posted by Josh M on 9:05 PM


Uncle Zoloft said...

Try Saint Stephen's Episcopal. 723-8818 - 67 Anson St, downtown by Galliard Auditorium. Good luck with your search.

May I suggest reading "The Color Purple"? It changed my whole view of G_d and religion.

Philip Murphy said...

First, I'm not sure about taking church advice from an uncle named after an antidepressant who can't spell God. (especially considering the names of his blogs: militanthomosexuals.blogspot and gaymenrule.blogspot.)

Regardless,if a church of christ is meeting at a Holiday Inn, does that make everyone geniuses for Sunday morning class? Must be tough on the class teacher. It's hard enough to teach an adult Bible class as it is.

Try jumping up in the middle of church and yelling "Republicans Rule, Donkeys Drool!" that should make plenty of friends in a SC CoC. If that doesn't work, just shout, "Satan is a Republican!"

Uncle Zoloft said...

Dear Mr. Murphy,

Judge not lest you be judged.

G_d is spelled that way by some folks who respect G_d so much they dare not write his name.

2) Gay Men Rule is not my blog it is a group blog.

3) The actual name of my blog is "From the Buckle of the Bible Belt." Don't judge a blog by it's url.

4) I have what is called recurring major depression hence Uncle Zoloft. (Which may change to Saint Provigil very soon.)

5) Try to be respectful of people you have never met.

6) Shouldn't Christ be capitalized?

7) Satan is not Republican or Democrat. He is the hate of others living beings in each of our minds.

Philip Murphy said...

Hmmm. Nothing like kicking a hornets nest.

On a completely unrelated note, are there any other denominations, other than episcopalians, that openly refute the embodiment of Satan? just curious. completely unrelated by the way. completely.

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Uncle Zoloft said...

Dear Philip: "other denominations, other than Episcopalians, that openly refute the embodiment of Satan?"

Satan is greed, Satan id passing a hungry person and turning your head, greed is demanding and voting in Constitutional Amendments that allow any born citizens of this country being 2nd class because of who they make their family with

Josh M said...


1. thanks for the recommendation, but I think we stand on two different sides of the fence.

2. As for your plug for gay marriage, I'm not convinced. I think it's good that the amendment passed. This isn't because I hate gay people. I don't.

You might could call it a failure to maintain the separation of church and state.

But to call the amendment satanic because it doesn't recognize gay couples as equal to hetero couples doesn't seem to line up with what G_d says in his little book he handed down.

Uncle Zoloft said...


Thanks for the response. That Amendment was basically flawed in it's writing. There is a single subject rule in writing constitution amendments; in short each amendment must be about one issue. Amendment #1 was about 3: Gay & Lesbian equal rights, the ending of the State having to recognize domestic partnerships and the ending of common law marriage claims.

Now as to G_d and his little book. Why is homosexuality, a subject Jesus never broached, more of a threat to traditional marriage than Adultery, one of the Ten Commandments?

Why would gay and lesbian human beings be more of a threat than greed, gossip, poverty? ... the list is long.

Why do people feel the need to pick what they want from such an important work to defend, or fight, against other American citizens equal rights?

The real threat to "traditional marriage" is from the people who can have one. Heterosexuals.

I have begun working on a voter initiative to add an addendum Amendment #1. The addendum will be to make Adultery a felony crime. In all honesty that is the #1 threat to marriage in this country and state. Massachusetts has the lowest divorce rate in the country, and their economy received quite a boost from Gay & Lesbian unions.

Sorry to be so long winded. Also sorry you won't try Saint Stephen's. There is an LDS singles group downtown; I know their leader. The wonderful thing about living in the "Holy City" is that you could go to a different church every weekend for more than a year until you found your spiritual home. I have many African-American friends who go to different churches based on their spiritual need for that week.