How to ruin a perfectly good day

These are scary times for Gamecock football. Every big school with a coaching vacancy appears to be making a beeline for Steve Spurrier.

I hope he's telling the truth when he says that he plans on staying in Columbia for many years to come, but I can't help but worry that he'll jump ship.

One one hand, I don't believe that he came to USC for the money. As I recall, he requested a smaller salary than they offered. Plus, he's doing a good job of building an excellent program. I submit as evidence the fact that we hung in there with teams that used to pound us in the past.

On the other hand, if he's dreaming of national championships, it's possible that he'll be more successful in some other place with more um... renown.

Alabama rumor mills continue to spill their venom, such as this blog from MiketheEyeguy. And Eyeguy does make a good point. Why on Earth is USC's Super King Air flying back and forth between Teterboro? I can't find any recruits up there, but there is a nearby coach named Schiano up there. Is USC looking for a replacement?
However, Joseph Person, and Ron Morris of The State continue to write articles that say Steve's staying.
I just hope Joe and Ron know better than Mike.

11/30/06 Update: Good news, Super Steve is getting a raise. Maybe that'll hold the Spurrier-snatchers at bay.


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Philip Murphy said...

You may have just ruined my day. But, I sincerely doubt SOS is leaving. However, Nix will likely start interviewing immediately. Most likely he'll go to North Texas.

How about 2 more 4 star recruits today.

Josh M said...

More recruits = good news.

I'm holding out that Nix might wait one more year for a bigger opportunity than North Texas.

Philip Murphy said...

I finally figured it out... thanks to a helpful fan on cockytalk. Per the usc website...

Highlights of Dr. Andrew A. Sorensen's schedule, Nov. 20-Jan. 31:

Nov. 26-29: University business, New York

Nov. 30: Address St. Andrews Society of Charleston

Guess Dr. Sorensen had a convention in NY. SOS is staying put. Next time you want to give your brother a heart attack, just tell me some crazy lie like you're turning gay.