Which has higher meaning?

This has bothered me since this summer's sailing adventure.

Which has a higher meaning? A short generalization or a detailed explanation?

  • 1. A generalization about a topic:
    It seems to me that both the very knowledgable and the very foolish frequently use generalizations.
    • Generalizations represent a shallow perspective because a "rule of thumb" might be the only thing somebody knows about a subject. This person probably learns the rule of thumb from somebody who actually knows what they're talking about.

    • However, somebody with a thorough understanding of a subject can sum up a vast quantity of seemingly unrelated information into one simple answer. Although these seem like simple answers at first, they are often the result of a great deal of thought.

  • 2. A complex, detailed explanation
    • Shouldn't anyone who thoroughly understands a topic be able to provide a detailed explanation? And shouldn't the detail add to the argument?
So which means more? Which is worth more? Rules of thumb or details?


posted by Josh M on 12:31 AM


Anonymous said...

I believe that if a person knows what they are talking about then a short generalization is better. Based on the individual’s knowledge they should be capable of giving me a brief detailed synopsis of the topic. However, if I ask for more detail they should be prepared for an ongoing discussion.

(that response ok, Amber) :)

Oh Josh, no need to censor your blog ;)