Top 3 Blogs that I wish existed

Blogging has become my favorite way to catch up with friends and family, learn some some new ideas, and evict some thoughts from my head.

I read this as part of my introduction to blogging, and I have to disagree with my brother a little.
The best bloggers are not educators, preachers, and stay-at-home moms. Rather, they are the most common bloggers.

Although I already spend too much time reading blogs, I always wish there was a little bit more out there. So here are the top 3 blogs that I wish existed:

  1. James H Murphy: Preacher (aka grandad), author of works like "The bad boys of west texas," "The Settlement of Childers," and "Happiness is just another self-help book away." I'd like to pick this preacher's brain a little more often.

  2. John Fortner: Educator, your classes made me mad, but I think I'm ready for more. You're a little crazy sometimes, but I think I like it. Won't you share some thoughts with me in a format that doesn't cost $300/hour?

  3. Random Federal prisoner: I'm a little curious about somebody's perspective when they're pretty sure what they'll be doing a few years from now.
Maybe Philip was right. Preachers and educators probably do make for the best blogs, but a prison blog might be most exciting of all.


posted by Josh M on 1:51 PM


Philip Murphy said...

Hypothetical Prison Blog entry No. 3546: Today I did the same thing I've done the past 3545 days. Only 4528 more days to go. The gruel was a little less salty tonight. Someone must be funneling "ski" packages through the salt containers. Stones traded me a cigarette for a look at a sculpture I made of Marilyn Monroe out of mud from the yard.