Football Championship

1. Amber, Aaron, and I went to watch the Gamecocks play on Saturday night. Halftime looked like a disaster. Amber made me promise we could escape the cold if the cocks went down by 40 or more. And with the way they were playing, I was worried we might have to leave early. The 3rd quarter was about as exiting as any I ever saw. The 4th was nearly the most exciting I ever saw--with the exception of an interception and a couple of Arkansas 3rd down conversions.

Many thanks to Aaron for sweet talking one of his girls into hooking us up with a parking pass.

2. Since the team I love to watch can't wina championship (or just a single game it seems), I figure I'd best make the best of winning games with the teams that I play with.
The MUSC intramural flag football championship game was Sunday afteroon, and my 2nd year CDM class put a hurtin' on some more trash talking med students.

I know it's not a big deal when nerds are good enough to beat the nerdier nerds at flag football, but it still feels good to win.

Is winning flag football at MUSC like winning the [inappropriate]? (I'm going to need to censor myself here) Moving on...

3. Winning always comes at a price. During a kickoff return, I think I did something bad to my right shoulder. In light of this recent injury, I'd like to take a moment to be thankful that it was my right shoulder.

Conveniently, I am left handed. Not so conveniently, everything on this planet is still made for right handed people.


posted by Josh M on 8:06 PM